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"The Crazy Workshop is proud to present its newest invention. We like to call it AAA. AAA stands for Autonomous Aerial Ambulance. Simply said, it's a drone ambulance. Drone specially designed for rescue missions. The AAA will have the capacity of four people - two medical personnel and two passengers. It will be completely autonomous. The new thing about the drone is that it will have a new way of positioning the propellers that will make it very endurable in windy and harsh weather conditions. Because of its compact size It will be able to fly around close buildings without any problems and reach high floors, high mountain areas, marine sites and all other places where access with a helicopter is difficult. This will allow more lives to be saved in crisis situations. It will also have a big solar panel on top that will charge the batteries when flying and a modular battery pack for easy and quick replacement. The drone will have 3 types of flight - autonomous, manual and special. Autonomous means no pilot is needed, you just pick your location and the ambulance takes you there. Special means flight control will be handled by a specialist in a command centre. If needed a person can transfer the flight to manual or special mode. Also if a problem occurres flight control is automatically handed to the command centre. The ambulance will have flight time up to 40 minutes on batteries plus solar power and extended flight up to one hour and 40+ minutes with the help of two petrol generators. AAA has a total of 12 propellers and it uses 4 of them for stabilization. That means it's 2 times more stable than a helicopter. The drone can reach almost 65 mph with 8 and when using all 12 propellers up to 100 mph. Sometimes it takes from 40 to 50+ minutes for an ambulance to reach an emergency. With AAA there's no traffic jams, no traffic lights and no wrong addresses. That's why the realization of this project will bring more safety in the everyday life of many people and will significantly improve the efficiency of emergency teams around the world. Arriving on time is crucial for saving a life. Tomorrow that person could be you. We from The Crazy Workshop know that one day we could provide people with a more stable and safe future, a future which everybody deserves! We are in process of negotiating the creation of a prototype with several drone companies. Help us save more lives. Thank You for the support."

We are "The Crazy Workshop" !


Julian Stoyanov

Julian Stoyanov

CEO, Founder, Idea, 3D design and Animation

A word from Julian:

My name is Julian Stoyanov, CEO and founder of "The Crazy Workshop" ltd. Our company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are a small team of two, but very passionate about achieving our goal, which is saving lives with every means necessary. This idea came to me maybe over a year ago and since then I've been working on the 3D model, gathering information, speaking with other people and companies. For building a prototype, tests, standardization and mass production we will need around 1,500,000 EURO. At this point we are in the process of negotiating the build of a prototype with several drone manufacturing companies. We from "The Crazy Workshop" know that one day we could provide people with a more stable and safe future, a future which everybody deserves! Help us save more lives! If You think our idea is a good one, please like, share and contribute in any way you can.




Main frame: Reinforced composite material with carbon fiber and epoxy
Other components: Aerial aluminum alloyColor: Red/White/Black + Customized


Why You should invest in our concept!

* Here's a video of "How different countries react to: Ambulance Sirens (international)
Credits: Countries Reacting

*Ambulance (London) Episode 1, 27th Sep 2016
Credits: BBC One, UK
Published on YouTube by: Jorge Costa


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